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501 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1203
New York, NY 10017

(212) 873-0250

Bellizio & Igel, PLLC is a New York City law firm which advises entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries such as technology, media, entertainment and the arts.

Firm Profile


Bellizio + Igel PLLC (B+I) is a boutique New York City law firm which counsels clients ranging from multinational corporations to first-time entrepreneurs. B+I’s founding partners have extensive backgrounds in business and entrepreneurship, and this pragmatic “business-oriented” culture is pervasive throughout the firm. In fact, we believe it is what uniquely qualifies us to understand and effectively respond to the legal and business challenges our clients, large and small, face every day. Perhaps this is why B+I represents so many of today’s recognized leaders, innovators and talents in an array of fields including fashion, beauty, technology, media, entertainment and the arts.